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What Are You Going To Learn Inside The Course

The Smart Trader’s Toolkit is a bouquet of Cutting Edge Tools used by Professional Traders

to quickly identify High Probability Trading Opportunities based on Institutional Supply and Demand Footprints. It’s a must-have for traders who want to get the edge, maximize their trading potential, and save a lot of time and effort.

It has an indicator that will automatically plot zones on TradingView Charts for you so it becomes easier for you to filter out the stock formed under good zone formations.

It also includes a Screener which will help you identify stocks and other trading instruments that are already inside or close to

supply and demand zone levels

And Real-Time zone alerts notification over telegram

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What Are You Going Toget in this section

Automated Supply Demand Zone Indicator

Screener - Supply & Demand Zone

Telegram Alerts Subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zone Indicators are simple tools that you can use in TradingView Charts which will automatically plot Supply & Demand zones for you so you can easily identify quality zones & at the same time keep track of so many charts and charts time frames.


This makes you track all the parameters with ease and make precise decisions while trading.

You get access to our Supply Demand Zone Indicator which you can use on the TradingView App. Also, you’ll be added to our private telegram group where you get all the Zone formation alerts in real-time

The Smart Trader’s Toolkit is provided on a subscription basis.

So you’ve been given the option to choose the period of subscription based on your requirements.

There is no prerequisite to avail of this subscription, however, it is recommended that one is aware of Supply & Demand Trading Strategy to make full use of this subscription.

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