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What Is the Automated Supply Demand Zone Indicator?

It is an indicator that will automatically plot zones on TradingView Charts for you so it becomes easier for you to filter out the stock formed under good zone formations.

This indicator will help you easily identify ‘HIGH PROBABILITY ZONES’ & at the same time keep track of so many charts and charts time frames.

Look How the Indicators Helped To Make Insane Profits from the Stock Market…

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To Supply Demand Zone Indicator & Alerts Subscription

Hi, my name is Mahesh Kaamath

Until 15 years ago, I struggled in my trading journey.

Despite being passionate about the stock market & trading, I found it hard to grow my career to the size I wanted it.

There was no one to guide me, and I kept making mistakes for years…

I was stuck, investing a lot of my hard-earned money and hours on the screen… for too little return.

That all changed when I discovered the concept of trading using Supply & Demand Strategies. It was a turning point in my life.

During this stage of S&D Trading, I faced a lot of challenges of identifying quality zones & at the same time keeping track of so many charts and chart time frames. 

Hence, I developed an Indicator to solve all my major concerns regarding S&D trading and fasten my stock scanning process.

With the same indicator, I scaled my portfolio to multiple figures in a short time… 

After seeing the excellent results, I thought of sharing this with other traders who are also facing the same challenge as I did.

And now I am on a mission to accelerate the growth of traders using a smart Indicator that makes heavy profits in their trading journey.